Electronic trading for the sale of pre-investment asset

The project announces an electronic trading procedure for the sale of the pre-investment asset for the implementation of an investment project on renewable energy in Belarus.


One of the main tasks of the international technical assistance project “Removing barriers to wind power development in the Republic of Belarus”, implemented by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus with the support of UNDP and the GEF, is the development of a pre-investment asset for the construction of a wind farm with a total installed capacity of 25 MW.

In order to attract investments in the Belarusian wind power sector, the project selected a site for locating the future wind farm, obtained the necessary permits, prepared the required technical specifications and qualification criteria, and developed the feasibility study documentation.

The investment project for the construction of a wind farm with a total installed capacity of 25 MW "Veleshkovichi Wind Farm" approached the investor selection stage. This process will take place in an auction format on the electronic trading platform of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange, the results of which will select an investor for the further implementation of the project.

More information about the tender documentation is available at the link:

At the web-site of the Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange et.butb.by, registration number of trading – A02641.  

Investment project for wind power in the Republic of Belarus:

1.2.1. Purchase contract PDF

1.2.2. Annex 1 Purchase contract PDF

1.2.3. Annex 2 Purchase contract PDF

1.2.4. Annex 3 Purchase contract PDF

1.3.2. Tender provision PDF

1.4.2. Electronic trading regulations PDF

1.5.2. Calendar plan PDF

1.6.1. Notice of electronic trading PDF

1.7.2. Clarifications of come provisions of regulations PDF