The wind, as one of the renewable sources of energy, has long been used by man. The history of wind energy began with the conversion of wind power into mechanical energy by building windmills. At the moment, the main purpose of the wind is to receive electricity using wind generators. Read More
There are some disadvantages. Economically, the disadvantage is the inability to accurately forecast: how much electricity will be produced in the planned period of time (this is due to the complexity of accurate forecasting of wind speed and stability). Read More
In the Republic of Belarus, tariffs for electricity generated by windmills are formed in accordance with the Resolution of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus No. 45 of August 7, 2015. Thus, the tariff for electricity supplied to the power grid is set at the level of electricity tariffs for industrial and equivalent consumers with a connected capacity up to 750 kVA, established and indexed toward the change of rates of the Belarusian ruble against the US dollar in accordance with the Resolution No. Read More

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