The wind, as one of the renewable sources of energy, has long been used by man. The history of wind energy began with the conversion of wind power into mechanical energy by building windmills. At the moment, the main purpose of the wind is to receive electricity using wind generators.

Wind power is widely available, environmentally friendly and inexhaustible. However, at the same time there are still some difficulties, both of technical and economic nature, that slow down the development of wind energy. First of all, it is accurate assessment of wind energy sources in order to identify the most promising areas and to choose the right wind power equipment, including the height and power of the wind turbine rotor.

The most reliable and accurate way to study wind potential are long measurements (not less than 1 year) using both conventional anemometers and modern remote systems like SODAR and LIDAR.

In the case where the wind measurements are carried out in accordance with the international standards, including DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025, a report resulting from these measurements may serve as a basis for granting credit financial resources by European banks to implement the projects for construction of wind power turbines.


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