There are some disadvantages.

Economically, the disadvantage is the inability to accurately forecast: how much electricity will be produced in the planned period of time (this is due to the complexity of accurate forecasting of wind speed and stability).

The construction of a wind farm requires an elevated open site, and quite often agricultural land is used for these purposes, although the construction sites proper occupy no more than 1% of the total area of a wind farm and, consequently, the rest of the land may be used for its intended purpose.

It is also worth noting that the costs of construction of a wind power turbine are quite high, and the production of electricity from the wind is at the moment more expensive than the use of traditional (fossil) energy sources.

In terms of the environmental impact, the main disadvantages are considered to be the noise from the blades in the vicinity of the turbine and the death of birds and bats. However, the noise measurements carried out at the distance of 100 meters from the source show only background values of noise level. And the number of birds and bats killed by the blades of wind turbines is the same as the number of deaths in other places of technogenic influence, such as high-voltage lines.



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