Novogrudok has become a unique center for the development of wind energy in Belarus
29.07.2019 Novogrudok, which several centuries ago was the first capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the intersection of roads in Eastern Europe, is now hidden away from the main highways of Belarus. However, this city is called the capital of wind power in our country. Situated on the castle hill (near the remains of the ancient walls of the Novogrudok castle), an atypical Belarusian landscape dotted with wind turbines can be seen.

Over the past few years, wind power has given the greatest impetus to the development of the economy of the Novogrudok District. The climatic conditions and landscape of the region, unique to Belarus, made it possible to concentrate more than a dozen wind turbines here and thus form a sustainable, ecologically-oriented vision. 34 land plots for the construction of new wind power plants have been identified in the district.

Of course, the UNDP/GEF international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” did not overlook Novogrudok. The reason for this was not only an excellent wind potential (current wind measurements here record an average annual wind speed of about 7 m/s, which is more than enough for the efficiency of wind turbines), but also because local organizations and governing bodies were already well acquainted with the activities of energy and environmental project focuses and tirelessly improve their region from the viewpoint of sustainable development principles. The project carried out annual monitoring of the wind potential of the site near the village of Yanovichi and developed pre-design documentation for 3 wind turbines with a total capacity of 9.9 MW.

At the request of the director of Novogrudok State Agrarian College, Andrei Suslo, the project revised all student education programs and added RES components everywhere.
This local forge of personnel for the traditional agricultural sector is transforming its educational programs to utilize RES to their fullest extent.

With the help of the project, the head of the college (convinced that everything in our world is built on energy) organized training for his employees on the topic “Technology of forming competencies in the field of energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy”.

Andrei Suslo leads his school through active participation in international environmental projects, initiates separate waste collection activities and thematic competitions among students. On the basis of the college, he organized the work of a training and consulting center for renewable energy, and introduced the specialty “Environmental Protection and Rational Use of Natural Resources”.

We can confidently look into the future of those children who went to school here, grew up in this clean region, developing modern technologies and supporting the current global trend of the transition from hydrocarbons to RES. Today they really have the opportunity to connect their lives with renewable energy.

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