Electricity tariffs for investment projects in wind energetics

On August 27, 2015 there came into effect the Regulation of the Ministry of Economy of Belarus of 07.08.2015 № 45 “On the tariffs for electricity produced from renewable energy sources." For the energy generated from wind energy (for utilities commissioned between 05.21.2015 and 08.20.2015 or the ones set up within the allocated quotas after 08.20.2015), the following multiplying coefficients are set, depending on the working lifespan of the equipment: 


Name of RES

The first ten years from the date of commissioning

The next ten years of service

More than twenty years of service

Using wind energy:

with service life shorter than 5 years

with service life longer than 5 years






The Decree on tariffs regulates the maximum coefficients for the sale of electricity. In accordance with the Decree of the President of Belarus of 18.05.2015 № 209 "On the use of renewable energy sources", the size of the coefficients can be reduced at the initiative of the investor for additional points in the selection of the investor. More effective projects with the best economic indicators, will be able to offer a tariff lower than the set one (to reduce coefficients for the tariffs) and the project will remain cost-effective.

Under the current legislation, the tariffs for energy produced from RES and purchased by state energy supply organizations are set at the level of tariffs for electricity for industrial and equated consumers with a connected load of up to 750 kVA with increasing coefficients.

The calculation of the final tariff with increasing and stimulating coefficient allows for a momentary view of the market.  The tariff for electricity for industrial and equated consumers depends on the value of the exported natural gas (the dominant energy source for electricity generation), thus may vary.


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