China retains the world leadership in wind energy development

This country confidently holds the world leadership not only in wind energy, but also in the solar industry.

PRC, being in the top three by CO2 emissions, manifests its desire to strongly influence the climate issues, and becomes the largest investor in renewable energy in the world. Its investments in this sphere have exceeded the volume of joint investments of the USA and Europe.

In 2014, the total installed capacity of all wind generators in China amounted to 115 GW, and for 2020 it was planned to surmount the bar of 200 GW, i.e. provide almost two-fold increase in capacity over five years.

However, already in 2015 (according to the World Wind Energy Association, WWEA) the country has established an additional 33 GW, instead of the planned 20 GW. Thus, China has provided half of the world's installed capacity of wind energy (with the total worldwide growth of 63.7 GW and the total volume of 435 GW by the end of 2015).

Now the forecast of China for the year 2050 – 1000 GW of capacity – does not seem too optimistic. The blueprint ”China 2050 – a blueprint of high proliferation of renewable energy and road map intends to provide 85% of electricity consumption through renewable energy sources by 2050.

China sees the development of renewable energy as a tool to meet two important needs at once:

- in the modernization of the energy industry (China is the world leader in the production and consumption of electricity) that will meet the growing needs of the economy;

- in positive impact on the deteriorating environmental situation associated with increased levels of smog in megalopolises and the effects of climate change.

The Chinese government is actively implementing various mechanisms to promote investment in the growing renewable energy sector. It has been decided to set the price for electricity from renewable energy sources above the tariffs for electricity generated by coal-fired power plants. According to President Xi Jinping, by the year 2017 there will be a gradual tightening of carbon emission reduction policies. Chinese companies, in excess of established standards on emissions, will be subject to fines and will not be able to count on financial support from the state.

China has made a significant contribution to the technical development of wind energy. With significant experience in the effective development of its own wind resources (and many regions of China are renowned for typhoons and hurricanes), today the country is successfully exporting not only wind turbines, but also complex engineering solutions in wind energy.

Today, a number of Chinese companies are among the world's leading manufacturers of wind power turbines, and three of them (Sinovel, Goldwind and Dongfang Electric) are among the ten largest companies in the industry.

In Belarus in 2011 Grodnoenergo commissioned the industrial type of Chinese-made wind power turbine with the installed capacity of 1.5 MW. Grodnoenergo is currently building five more Chinese installations for 1.5 MW near settlement Grabniki (Novogrudok district) and the total installed capacity of the wind farm will reach 9 MW.


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