Representatives of over 170 UN member states, including Belarus, signed a historic Agreement on climate in New York

The ceremony of signing the Paris Agreement was chaired by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who drew everyone's attention to the fact that “never before have so many countries signed any international agreement within a day.

The international community should realize that the era of “consumption of natural resources without consequences” has ended, said the Secretary General.

The official ceremony focused on the issue of slowing down the global warming within 2° C this century. The final version of the document, adopted last December by the participants of the conference on climate in Paris, binds each signatory state to reduce emissions of carbon gases into the atmosphere, as well as to intensify efforts to reduce the economy's dependence on raw hydrocarbons taking into account Sustainable Development Goals.

Ban Ki-moon called upon all the countries to speed up the accession to the Agreement:

Having signed the Agreement, the countries must take further steps at the national level to approve or ratify it.

On behalf of the Republic of Belarus, the historic Agreement was signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei.

Addressing the ceremony participants, the Minister said,

The connection between the rapid energy development in recent decades and the emerging climate issues is obvious. And large-scale use of renewable energy around the world is recognized as the basic condition for the further sustainable development.

Given the increased interest in wind energy among other RES, experts are assured that the climate Agreement will give a huge impulse to the development of wind energy.

Already at the exhibition of the European Wind Energy Association EWEA-2015 (symbolically held in Paris in November 2015 – two weeks before the UN climate conference) the Vice President of the European Commission for Energy Union Maroš Šefčovič said, “If you look at possible sources of renewable energy , it is clear that the role of wind is a strategic one.



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