Siemens received the largest order in the history of offshore wind energy

The industrial giant Siemens intends to continue occupying the position of the absolute leader in the global offshore wind energy. According to the statistics from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA), having added 1,816 MW of new installed capacity in 2015, Siemens holds more than 60% of the offshore market in Europe (and as it is known, the global offshore wind energy is mainly concentrated near the European seashores).

Over a relatively short period of its operation in the sphere of wind power, Siemens has already established about 2,100 wind turbines with a total installed capacity of more than 7 GW.

Siemens together with Scottish Power Renewables are starting to work on the largest in the history of the world order on the implementation of East Anglia One project, which involves the installation of a wind farm off the British seashore with a total installed capacity of 714 MW. It is planned to install 102 wind turbines with a capacity of 7 MW each in total.

Senior executives in Siemens claim that they are installing an innovative type of turbines in this project: SWT-7.0-154. It is emphasized that by using such wind turbines the company has a major impact on reducing the cost of the world offshore wind energy.

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