WIND EUROPE – a new brand of EWEA

EWEA was founded in 1982 and was aimed at linking as many people working in Europe in the field of wind power as possible”, – the webpage which contains the history of the association cites the words of the first chairman George Piepers.

Having undertaken the task of contributing to wind power and motivating the development of sustainable energy supply on the whole, EWEA declared its first goals: “To raise the level of cooperation between Europe's wind power organisations and spur an international awareness of the potential of wind energy”.

But during the early years we had more words than megawatts”, as John Twidell, a British academic professor, recalls about the formation of the EWEA.

And in fact, until 1990 less than 450 MW of capacity of the European wind farms were set up.

During 34 years the association was actively participating in the development of wind power industry, which has now become a major player in the energy industry.

2016, time to deliver an ambitious power market reform. This is a key point when we will intensify our work to ensure the growth and prosperity of the wind industry in Europe by joint efforts”, – declare the members of the European wind energy association in the joint declaration.

In April 2016 EWEA rebranded for a new name “WindEurope.

The transfiguration is the illustration of awareness of success and changes made ​​over the years of the association’s work.

Today wind power in Europe has more than 67 billion euros annual turnover, 255 thousand workplaces and provides 11 % of electricity required for the continent”, – notes the undeniable achievements Giles Dickon, CEO of WindEurope.

WindEurope focuses on six strategic goals:

· To develop the full potential and to ensure the greatest possible share of contemporary European wind market;

· To destroy the myth that “fossil fuels and nuclear energy are not subsidized”. To identify the level of implicit subsidies provided to other forms of electricity generation. To develop a scheme of greenhouse gas emissions trading with a fundamental approach - the “polluter pays.”
· To promote long-term sustainable basis to attract investments in the sector;

· Promote research projects in the field of wind power technology (to maintain European technological leadership), improve accessibility and to ensure the optimal use of European research funds;

· Promote the development of European energy structures and coordination of market participants in order to increase the volume of electricity generation from wind with maximum cost-effectiveness;

· To promote sufficient access to finance wind power industry by minimising political risks (to provide loans reflecting the actual rather than perceived risks, taking into account the political component).

WindEurope renewed vision of the future of wind energy:

Wind power will be the leading technology in the transformation of the global energy structure in the direction of a sustainable energy future based on clean and competitive renewable energy sources.

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