Chinese wind turbines manufacturer became the world leader for the first time

The results of 2015 have shown that China has commissioned a record 30.8 GW of installed capacity of wind power, which allowed the country to overtake the whole Europe in terms of capacity.

First “Bloomberg New Energy Finance” rating, and now the studies of “Navigant Research” say that the traditional for the last few years leader in wind turbines production – the Danish company Vestas – has lost the first place in installed capacity in 2015 to the Chinese company Goldwind.

The global wind energy added 63 GW in total, and much of this growth belongs to China.

GoldWind (full name – «Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co») installed 7.8 GW (which is 12.8% of global share), and Vestas stopped at the mark of 7.3 GW (exactly 12%). GE Energy Company ranked third with 5.9 GW (9.2% - respectively).

While the success of Goldwind was mostly achieved thanks to their activity in the Chinese market, Vestas was very active in the global market and was represented in the countries whose success was noted in the annual GWEC report. GE Energy ranked third thanks to the domestic market of the United States, Brazil, as well as some increase in their presence in the European market.

It should also be noted that in the “TOP-10” in 2015 there were as many as five Chinese manufacturers. 

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