REN21 annual report presented the successes of renewable energy

Published on the first day of summer (1 June 2016), the REN21annual report “Renewables 2016 Global Status Report” incorporates detailed updated information on all types of renewable energy sources and is considered to be among the main documents dealing with the subject of “green” energy.

REN-21 network (“Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century”), was founded in 2004 in Germany as the outcome document of the International Conference for Renewable Energy Sources in Bonn and is included in the working group of the United Nations Environment Programme.

In cooperation with governments, non-governmental organizations, research and academic institutions and major international organizations of the energy industry, since 2005 REN-21 has released a number of internationally recognized reports on the global sector of energy from RES, including “Renewables Global Status Report”.

The latest report “Renewables 2016 Global Status Report”, reflecting the state of renewable energy at the end of 2015, the trends at the beginning of 2016 and forecasts for further development, clearly demonstrated that modern RES occupy a considerable share in power generation around the world not because of the state preferences, but thanks to the competitive advantages.

The document reflects a number of records in the sector of renewable energy. For example, for the past 5 years, the annual growth dynamics of the power generated from RES was the highest in the global energy sector.

The year 2015 saw a record growth of energy generation – 147 GW, with nearly half of this energy provided by wind farms.

An increase in the share of renewable energy in heating and cooling and transport sectors was noted. Investments in renewables reached a new high of 286 billion US dollars. The leaders in terms of investment in renewable energy traditionally were China and the US, as well as India, Japan and the UK.

The number of people employed in renewable energy reached a record 8.1 million people.

Arturos Zervos, the Chairman of REN21, said:

The REN21 report also gives an estimate of the prospects for the development of renewable energy. Given the current trends in the sector, the Paris Agreement on the climate (COP21) and the general development of the global movement of “100% RES”, REN21 states unshakable confidence that the market will continue to grow and have more serious potential. At the same time, the selected path to renewable energy has yet many problems to solve. And in order to accelerate the transition to a healthier, environmentally friendly future, it is necessary to build a smart and more flexible system that will maximize the use of different types of renewable energy and overcome a number of national and international barriers.

The Chairman of REN21, adds:

While we have already familiarized ourselves with the key indicators of wind power in other reports (for example, “Global Wind Report: Annual Market update” of the Global Wind Energy Council, GWEC), the REN21 document displays a wide summarized information on all types of renewable energy sources and will be of interest to a wider audience.

Detailed information about the report REN21 “Renewables 2016 Global Status Report” can be found on the official website of REN21:


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