EUSEW makes Europe the center of innovations in sustainable energy

The annual awards ceremony “EUSEW AWARDS 2016” (European Union Sustainable Energy Week Awards) based on the results of the competition for the best projects in the field of sustainable energy was held in Brussels (Belgium) on 14 June.

“This is the highlight of the Week because it showcases the best that Europe has to offer in sustainable and renewable energy and we’ve been inspired by the finalists and winners over the years,” said Miguel Arias Cañete, Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action, in his welcome speech at the EUSEW Awards Ceremony.

The Awards are a major feature of the annual EUSEW Policy Conference, devoted to EU policy in the field of renewable energy.

Strict selection of nearly 200 applications led to the choice of the nine finalists as the most outstanding projects of the year for clean, secure and efficient energy.

The expert jury selected the winners in each of the three categories – Businesses, Public Sector and Consumers.

The Consumers prize went to the EcoGrid EU project by Østkraft (Norway/Denmark), which is an energy-market concept empowering households to manage renewables.

“We are very proud to win this award. We’re a small island and the prize is for the entire community of Bornholm who want to be carbon neutral by 2025,” said the EcoGrid EU project spokesperson. In 2017, all power on the island will be generated by renewable sources.

In the Public Sector prize, the winning project, “Sustainable-energy transformation”, introduced by the Municipality of Pokupsko (Croatia), shows that even with a limited budget local governments can implement sustainable solutions.

“We are proud and deeply honoured to receive the award – the result of vision and hard work. We’re making these changes for the sake of our people and planet earth. Together, we can achieve great results”, said Pokupsko’s spokesperson.

The Businesses category prize went to Green Brewery Göss by Brau Union Österreich (Austria). This is the world’s first major carbon-neutral brewery using only renewable energy.

“Beer is more than a beverage; it’s an essential part of culture and lifestyle. We do not pollute the air. It is a great example of the Heineken mission of ‘brewing a better world’,” said the project spokesperson.

Putting forward their project, the contestants have the opportunity to share their idea with the wide audience of the EU and beyond. The nominees for the award submit their projects online on EUSEW website and get the opportunity to meet with key policy makers and other persons concerned at the Conference “EUSEW Policy”. The award of the expert jury and the public vote express their appreciation of the work presented that proves its value to the whole society.



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