Google is actively directing its investment flows in the Scandinavian wind farms

Founded in the US, the transnational company Google is the leading IT-company specializing in Internet information services and products (including Internet advertising and search engines, software for smart phones and various gadgets, and much more).

Among the famous international brands, Google has already become the leader in investment in renewable energy, and has recently announced its strong commitment to reach 100% consumption of energy from RES.

The company has demonstrated the seriousness of their intentions through the acquisition of several wind farms all over the world (their recent investment in the largest in the history of Kenya wind farm was of particular interest). Now, Google is actively directing its investment flows in the Scandinavian projects (previously announced ambitious projects in Norway and Sweden have now acquired a real shape and specific values).

On the 30th of June, Google signed with a Scandinavian manufacturer of wind turbines Zephyr a contract for commissioning before the end of 2017 the wind farm «Tellenes» (in south-west Norway) with the installed capacity of 160 MW, and the subsequent 12-year electricity supply. The new wind farm in Norway will consist of 50 wind turbines and is located near the city of Stavanger, it will be the largest wind power facility in the country.

The second wind farm of 22 wind turbines (76 MW in total), located in the central part of Sweden, near the towns of Mariestad and Tereboda, should begin to generate energy for Google in 2018.

In total, these two wind farms will amount to 236 MW of installed capacity. So, Google will continue to actively use the electricity from the wind to power its data processing centers around the world.

Today, Google already has seven contracts for the supply of electricity from wind farms in Europe with the total capacity of over 500 MW. And the level of global investment in all the "green" energy projects of the company has reached almost 2.5 billion US dollars.

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