The European Parliament has voted for “at least 30% of renewables by 2030”

“The EU must stay at the forefront of renewables development. This means that member states must step up their efforts towards 2020, and that we must take 30% renewables consumption as the minimum goal for 2030”, said rapporteur for renewable energy Paloma López Bermejo (MEP from Spain).

According to the official press release of the European Parliament plenary session of 23 June 2016, the EU decided to adopt more serious objectives that will effectively stimulate the solution of energy and environmental problems in Europe:
• renewable energy sources must amount to at least 30% of total energy consumption by 2030 (figure increased from 27%);
• increase energy efficiency of the economy by 40% by 2030 (the figure was re-confirmed).

Prior to this decision, the goal of “not less than 27% of renewable energy by 2030” was in action, the approval of which took place with great difficulty from February to October in 2014. However, given that the EU's goal of 20% renewable energy of the total energy consumption by 2020 has already been achieved by many member states, observing the overall progress and current trends in the European renewable sector, now the European Parliament has voted for a more ambitious measure – “30% of renewable energy by 2030”. A parliamentary vote has no direct legal impact, and now the corresponding laws of the development of renewable sources in the next decade should be adopted in all the EU countries. Of course, the countries have different conditions, many are lagging behind and must do more, and 30% level of renewable energy refers to the EU as a whole.

“Our concern is that we deal with a lot of overlapping EU legislation and obstacles due to national energy policies. As a result, more and more burdens fall heavily on energy consumers. Therefore, we need a much better coordination within the European Commission and with national energy policies. We ask the Commission to ensure that European and national renewable development objectives do not hinder each other”, said rapporteur Markus Pieper (EPP, DE).

Giles Dickson, the Executive Director of WindEurope (European Wind Energy Association), said, “We welcome the Parliament’s call for “at least 30% of renewables by 2030”. The Commission now needs to define additional measures and encourage the EU member states to show the necessary level of ambition in their national plans. Without this ambition, the member states will only harm themselves as investors will put renewable energy projects on “ice” and it could have a “knock-on effect” for jobs and for the overall growth in Europe.”

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