The project is now available in “Vkontakte” (

The international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” intends to provide active support for large-scale development of wind power in Belarus.

We are happy to announce that in addition to the active website of the project, with the aim to expand the audience and the convenience of all concerned with the topic of wind power, we have created a profile on the popular internet resource “VKontakte” (

"VKontakte" (VK) is one of the largest social networks among the Russian-speaking Internet users (as of January 2014, the number of users was over 228 million people, it is visited daily by every third Russian-speaking Internet user).

On our “VK” page, you can read the news and learn about the ongoing project activities, trends in wind power development in the country and the world, new technologies in this sphere, reviews and analytical articles, and other interesting and useful information.

We remind you that the project has a page on the social network Facebook:

We invite you to join us, ask questions, leave comments, share useful information, as well as contribute to the development of wind power in any other form.

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