Technologies are constantly searching for the best solutions, and wind energy is no exception

According to the research company Transparency Market Research (TMR), wind turbine market will continue to grow strongly in the next 10 years and interesting startups dedicated to wind energy topics can count on the funding they need.

An Indian startup company Avant Garde Innovations claim that they have developed an innovative low-cost wind turbine that can generate 3-5 kWh of electricity per day.

The initiator of the startup, Arun George, believes that now small wind power will be affordable even for the poor all over the world: “One can purchase a wind turbine with enough capacity to meet electricity needs of one family at the cost of an iPhone."

The cost of the proposed wind turbine does not exceed $ 750, whereas analogues with comparable installed capacity cost 10 or even 30 times as much.

In many regions of India, a significant part of the population still has no access to electricity, and the electrification is not planned in the near future.

The developers, who come from India themselves, believe that their work will lead to a fundamental change in the situation.


Many start-ups around the world are actively engaged in the search for and dissemination of new ideas and better solutions for the production of environmentally clean electricity from renewable sources.

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