International experts are holding working meetings in Minsk

One of the activities of the international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” is identification of the barriers and risks for companies and organizations implementing projects for construction of wind power plants in Belarus.

Project Management Unit invited representatives of various companies with experience in implementing wind power projects at any stages (already operating wind turbines, at the stage of implementation of the project or cases when the initiators had to suspend further project activities).

Information from the direct market participants will help assess the real risks of investing in the Republic of Belarus and prepare recommendations for their elimination or minimization.

The project also engages international experts so that they, by means of expert advice, could provide highly professional assistance in solving the problems of wind power development, attracting investment in wind energy of the Republic of Belarus, as well as general assistance in the implementation of the project components.

The following international experts were invited to the meetings aimed to identify and minimize investment risks:

Evgeniy Nadezhdin, Vice-President of the Bureau of the UNECE Committee on Sustainable Energy (the Russian Federation) and Christoph Henrich, Consultant of the regional office of the UNDP (the Republic of Turkey).

The main task of the working meetings is to discuss proposals to de-risk investment in wind power development projects with a subsequent report applicable for implementation in the Republic of Belarus.

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