Announcement of the bidding for selection of Director of “Wind Private Finance Organization”

As previously reported, “ENECA” Co Ltd. is a consultant on the comprehensive management of investment projects for construction of wind power turbines (WPT) with the development of pre-project (pre-investment) and project documentation.

In the framework of implementation of the components of the international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus”, “ENECA” Co Ltd. is now creating “Wind Private Finance Organization” (WPFO) and announces a bidding for the position of director.

The organization being created will become the key institution in wind power development in Belarus. The new entity will be intended to coordinate the creation of pre-investment assets by building capacity in the management of investment projects for the creation of wind farms in Belarus, as well as tp increase investment activity of domestic and foreign developers and investors.

The Director of the “Wind Private Finance Organization” will be responsible for the management of the organization activities in developing projects during the implementation of the project, and for the promotion of development and financing of wind power projects.

More information about the functions and tasks of the Director, the requirements for the candidates and the conditions for proposal submission can be found on the site of “ENECA” Co Ltd.:

or in the press release:

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