First steps of American offshore wind energy

The construction of a sea-based wind farm off the coast of Block Island (Rhode Island) was completed in the second half of August 2016. It is planned that the new facility, comprised of five wind turbines with a total installed capacity of 30 MW, will be connected to the grid over the next two months.

The project of the company Deepwaterwind is considered to be the first small step in the development of the enormous potential of offshore wind energy in the USA, which according to the preliminary estimates four times exceeds the capacity of the existing energy sources in the country.

The successful construction of mere five turbines has become a revealing moment for the world's largest companies engaged in the offshore wind turbine segment, demonstrating the openness of the American wind energy to the offshore projects. The point is that the first project of the company CapeCod for the construction of an offshore wind farm in the state of Massachusetts with 130 wind turbines was too ambitious, and it didn’t find the necessary political support due to the strong opposition of local homeowners on the coast.

In the case with the Block Island project, the energy of the wind farm will be a welcome solution to replace the forced generation of electricity from diesel generators, and the surplus will be directed to other consumers in Rhode Island.

The US has already introduced about 75 GW of installed capacity of land-based wind farms and, of course, they understand the importance of benefits from the use of such an environmentally friendly source of energy as wind. In addition, the statements of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has also documented the progress in economic performance: the price of electricity from wind has fallen three times during 2010 - 2015 while the number of employed in the wind energy sector at the beginning of 2016 was 88,000 people.

Having started now to develop offshore wind energy (characterized by stronger and more constant winds) using approved and modified European technologies, the United States secured the formation of a more efficient and competitive market, which is bound to succeed.

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