“Global Atlas for Renewable Energy” can now be accessed free of charge

The new resource “Global Atlas for Renewable Energy” is open for free online use and download:


For the first time, the data (based on satellite images and verified with ground measurements) of the average annual wind speed and solar radiation, which can be used for the initial stages of planning and implementation of renewable energy projects, has become available to the wide audience at no charge. 

Now anyone can get acquainted with a variety of data on renewable resources, select the required data or download it to their computer for offline analysis.

The resource “Global Atlas for Renewable Energy” was launched by the company Vaisala (the world leader in measurement of parameters of the environment) with the support of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA, the agency engaged in the promotion of spreading and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy).

“Our common goal is to accelerate the growth of renewables worldwide. By pushing the boundaries of publicly available resource data, IRENA and Vaisala are helping the sector to move faster by lowering the complexity of entry into new renewable energy markets”, comments Nicolas Fichaux, a senior official of IRENA programme projects, on the new features.

Pascal Storck, Global Manager of Energy Services at Vaisala, added: "Facilitating access to reliable resource data is an essential first step when it comes to supporting global renewable energy expansion. We offer real-time data and operational support for the formation of the detailed financial projections that will minimize the investment risks for the industry throughout the life cycle of projects. Working with IRENA as part of the Global Atlas initiative gives us the opportunity to maximize the reach of our global wind and solar datasets to the benefit of the international renewable energy development community and its ambitions in promising new markets."

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