The production of wind turbine components will be organized in Ulyanovsk oblast

The Chinese wind turbine manufacturer DWE (Dongfang Electric Wind Power Co.) signed with the local government of the Ulyanovsk oblast and with research nanocenter Ulnanotech an agreement of intent to construct a plant for the production of blades for wind power turbines in the region.

There are plans to to build a wind farm with a total installed capacity of 350 MW in the Ulyanovsk oblast plans, and the first phase of the construction will commence with 35 MW.

The local authorities, which have big experience of mutually beneficial cooperation with China, are ready to develop a new for them direction (wind power) with the reliable partner. “Ulyanovsk oblast is the only region of the Russian Federation that has set itself a challenging task: to provide one-third of its own electricity consumption from renewable energy sources”, said the Acting Governor of the region Sergei Morozov at the meeting for the signing of the agreement of intent. Modern technology has made wind power very competitive in the energy market, and China, being the world leader in the wind power sector, can provide invaluable assistance in the implementation of such projects.

Due to the high complexity of transportation of large blades over long distances (and modern industrial wind power turbines use blades of 50 meters or more in length), the best solution will be to organize their production in the proximity of wind farms.

Ulyanovsk nanocenter Ulnanotech also plans to localize production of some other wind turbine components in the region. According to the representatives of Ulnanotech, it will be possible and appropriate, at the very least, to organize the production of masts in the Ulyanovsk oblast.

The financial support for the implementation of the first phase of construction of the wind farm (35 MW) will be provided by the Finnish company Fortum, and its provisional budget is estimated at around 65 million euros.

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