Giles Dickson delivered a speech at the ONS event (Stavanger, Norway)

The annual international exhibition OFFSHORE NORTHERN SEAS (ONS) 2016 took place in Stavanger, Norway.

Quick Stats of ONS 2016:
• 65,718 visitors;
• 1,241 exhibitors from 40 countries;
• Approximately 800 conference delegates a day;
• 500 presentations during the 7 conferences;
• Approximately 1,050 participants at 20 conference sessions;
• ONS Summit brought together more than 100 VIP participants from 25 countries;
• 202 journalists from 14 countries.

The exhibition was opened by the Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg and the Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tord Lien.

The exhibition has brought together the world’s largest oil and gas companies. Among other events there was a conference devoted to discussing the major changes in the energy industry.

Giles Dickson, the CEO of WindEurope (European Wind Energy Association), attended the conference and presented an analysis of the impact of wind power on the global energy industry.

WindEurope CEO stressed that the wind power sector will continue to grow in the coming years, in particular the offshore wind power: “The current forecasts for offshore wind farms indicate that today’s 12 GW of installed capacity will soar to 23.5 GW in 2020 and if governments do the right thing, over 60GW in 2030”.

Giles Dickson stated:

• “Investments in the wind off the coast of Europe accounted for nearly half of the current clean energy investments in Europe (about 14 billion euros in the 1st half of 2016) and 14% of the total global clean energy investments”;

• “Europe continues to lead the world with over 90% of global capacity for offshore wind farms”;

• “Following the example of Europe, the United States began the development of the offshore areas and is launching its first offshore wind farm”;

• “We know that oil and gas companies are also developing wind power by providing some of the components for wind power projects (cable lines, foundations, substations, engineering systems, research, etc.)”

The delegates were impressed by the state and forecasts of the wind power sector, and showed a high interest in participating in projects in the coming years. 

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