Project consultants are preparing proposals for the harmonization of the existing technical regulatory legal acts (TRLAs).

The international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” provides assistance for the implementation of the unified international requirements for the design and operation of wind turbines in our country, as well as the monitoring of wind power potential and positioning of wind turbines.

It is advisable to use the best practices of the EU member states and other countries characterized by a highly developed wind power sector as the basis for such requirements for technical regulatory legal acts (TRLAs).

The project experts consult with the key interested organizations in the field of implementation of wind power projects in order to identify all the aspects that must be considered when implementing such projects.

National consultants analyze the international (European) TRLAs (including those that are currently under development, for example, PNW/TS 88-543 Ed 1.0. “Wind turbines - Safety of Wind Turbine Generator Systems - General principles for design” and others) on the subject of feasibility of their adoption in the Republic of Belarus, and they have prepared the corresponding reports.

As a result of their work, the consultants will prepare a proposal for the harmonization of the existing TRLAs with the international (European) standards in the field of wind power, as well as proposals for the development of new TRLAs to ensure compliance with the best international (European) requirements for the design and operation of wind turbines.

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