Wind Energy Foundation provides training for wind energy professionals

Wind Energy Foundation (WEF) has developed and launched a new series of training programmes, reflecting the current demand for knowledge about the ever-changing market of energy sources and the impact of their use on the environment.

Wind Energy Foundation is a non-profit US organization, which aims to increase public awareness of wind as a clean, local energy source.

The education is aimed at representatives of the wind power industry and other renewable energy sectors, decision-makers, journalists and other media professionals, as well as all interested in sustainable development. The programme focuses on promoting the use of renewable energy sources and the effects of their implementation, contributing to economic development and environmental conservation at the same time.

Over the past two years, the programme has trained more than 230 business leaders and 10 key decision-makers in the energy sector. The programme invites company representatives who can tell their inspiring stories related to renewable energy. Involving international and local American experts, attracting popular media, the programme is becoming increasingly popular.

The programme organizers draw attention to the relevance of the objectives and existing problems of the sector:

The need for renewables in modern history can not be overestimated. We should be on the alert as the dominant energy companies and their allies are waging a massive disinformation campaign against renewable energy. With the well-funded efforts to mislead decision-makers and the public, they are forming the view that the use of renewable energy sources is unaffordable or unreliable. That is why we are constantly and purposefully improving the effective training programme. A new era of wind energy in the United States and around the world has created a great potential for its development and formed positive economic and environmental forecasts, which without a doubt will be implemented.”

More information on the existing training programmes of the Foundation can be found on the official webpage of the WEF:

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