The European Commission embraces the priorities of WindEurope

ETIP Wind (European Technology and Innovation Platform on Wind Energy) is an association of key players in the wind power sector, research institutions and political forces interested in giving the power of wind the strategic role in the European energy consumption. ETIP Wind provides a virtual and physical platform, through which “the wind power community” can communicate, coordinate and harmonize their activities in the field of research, innovation and technology.

The new report “SRIA 2016 – Strategic research and innovation agenda 2016”, prepared by the European Wind Energy Association WindEurope, defines five priority areas for research and development in the field of wind power:

1. Electric grid (infrastructure and integration).
The development of electric grids helps to expand the opportunities of the wind power, and increase the overall share of renewable energy in the structure of energy consumption.

2. Operation and Maintenance.
The latest advanced equipment increases the life of turbines, their reliability, performance and efficiency.

3. Industrialization.
The development of the structure of cooperation between the parties concerned generates a stable relationship chain that contributes to economic benefits through synergy.

4. Offshore wind farms.
Study of the new opportunities of offshore wind makes it more competitive thanks to the infrastructure advantages, simplification of assembly and installation.

5. New generation technologies.
Support for wind power research will form the conditions that could lead to new scientific breakthroughs.

European Technology and Innovation Platform on Wind Energy plays an important role in the creation of the energy union “from bottom upwards”, which gives an opportunity for the further development of our energy system. Therefore, I welcome Strategic research and innovation agenda of ETIP Wind, which creates a public debate on how the EU will make the transition to low-carbon energy”, said the Vice-President of the European Commission, Maroš Šefčovič, responsible for energy policy of the EU.

The vectors of development proposed by WindEurope to focus under the slogan “From R&I to deployment” should ensure Europe's strategic advantage in the sector, which may finally go to Asian players on the wind power market.

More details of the report are available on the website of WindEurope:

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