WindEurope notes weaknesses of the European Wind Energy

At the exhibition “WindEnergy Hamburg 2016”, the summit of WindEurope (European Wind Energy Association) “WindEurope Summit 2016” was held, which focused on the problems of the European Wind Energy:
- The low level of political ambitions;
- Instability of investment in the market;
- The loss of leadership of Europe in the sector.

The summit of WindEurope was held under the slogan “Making Transition Work”, symbolizing the urgent need for change. Having outlined the main problem points, the European Wind Energy Association proposes to focus on the areas that will once again make Europe one of the leaders in the sector.

WindEurope in video format articulates which weaknesses should be addressed:

1. Policy (formation of the right targets, attractive investment signals, stable control and equal conditions).

2. Innovation (reducing the cost of electricity production, greater integration of wind power into the grid, holding technological leadership).

3. Integration (extension of the integration into the energy system of various sources of energy, RES must provide transport, heating, cooling).

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