The project organized a study trip to Denmark

From 16 to 20 October 2016 in the framework of the international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus”, the Belarusian delegation paid a working visit to Denmark. The participants of the delegation were representatives of several ministries and agencies:
- The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus;
- The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus;
- The Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Belarus;
- The State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus;
- The Department of Energy Efficiency of the State Standard.

Working visit took was to Denmark, a country that is a pioneer and currently occupies a leading position in the European wind power sector.

In the course of the organized events, there were meetings with the Vice-President of the Danish state export credit agency EKF and the Vice-President of the largest wind power company VESTAS. In addition, the Belarusian delegation visited an offshore wind farm, which served as a demonstrational wind power facility.

The company Vestas (the largest manufacturer of wind power turbines) has conducted an extensive introductory presentation on the activities of the company, including the history and development of the company, the intricacies of the production of equipment models, service features, geography of the projects implemented by the company. The Belarusian and Danish parties discussed practical experience in the construction of wind farms in the CIS countries (their planning, organization and control), as well as the areas of cooperation between the Republic of Belarus and the company Vestas in the implementation of joint projects on wind power. The parties touched upon the possibility of joint production of components for wind power equipment on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. In addition, the Belarusian side presented the information about the wind power projects that are being implemented or planned in the country. And it should be noted that the company Vestas has agreed to participate in Belarusian projects not only as a supplier of equipment, but also as a consultant for the development of the project.

The delegation visited the Danish state export credit agency EKF (Eksport Kredit Fonden, Copenhagen) and learnt about the features of structured finance in the field of wind power projects. The participants of the meeting discussed areas of cooperation between the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Protection of the Republic of Belarus and the export credit agency EKF for the implementation of investment projects, including wind power projects.

A number of meetings was held in the specialized department “State of Green” of the Ministry of Energy and Climate of Denmark, where the participants of the visiting party were able to familiarize themselves with the rules and the consistent implementation of wind power projects in accordance with international standards and the requirements of international financial organizations.

At the conducted meetings, the role of renewable energy, including wind power, in the development of "green economy" in Denmark was discussed, as well as modern approaches to stimulate the development of renewable energy, including subsidies, the bidding procedure, attraction of the public and others.

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