The main event of the year in the European wind power sector came off

From 27 to 30 September 2016 the expo center “Hambyrg Messe” in Hamburg (Germany) once again opened its doors for the leading global wind industry trade fair “WindEnergy Hamburg 2016”.

This became a unique venue for meetings of experts from energy industry, equipment manufacturers, potential investors in wind industry as well as for a number of new players of this promising and growing market.

This European trade fair featured leading companies of the wind power sector that are well-known not only in Europe but around the world, such as: Siemens, Vestas, GE, Gamesa, Enercon, Nordex and many others.

Alongside with “WindEnergy Hamburg 2016”, the “WindEurope Summit 2016” of European Wind Energy Association was held just as successfully. The summit discussed the reports concerning integration of wind power in the electricity market, the impact of wind power on the global climate, problems of wind power development and others.

The heads of the four companies that have succeeded in the wind power sector in Europe, – DONG, Enel, Enercon and Nordex – adopted the role of “trade fair ambassadors” in order to hold meetings at the highest level and join the overall effort required to ensure the safe, timely and cost-effective reformation of the energy sector.

Martin Neubert, the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of DONG Energy Wind Power, expressed his confidence that “sea wind is on the verge of a breakthrough from pure being of Europe to becoming a truly global industry.”

CEO of “Enel Green Power”, Francesco Venturini, urged the participants, “We are at the point of initiation of many technological breakthroughs, so let's keep the markets in tune with the times. And we need to properly understand what the potential for the European wind power industry is. Immediately!”.

The Managing Director at “Enercon”, Hans-Dieter Kettwig, explained the need for planning of the energy sector reform, “Safety and availability of energy supply, as well as constant climate protection through the use of renewable energy sources, can be achieved only with a systematic plan of the global energy sector reform.”

The Executive Director at “Nordex SE”, Lars Bondo Krogsgaard, specified the global objective of the trade fair, “Wind power changes energy markets throughout the world. This year the trade fair focuses on this enormous development, the opportunity to get the understanding of its real scale and together contribute to this development.”

The agenda of the trade fair also included a series of workshops and performances, among which there was a series of poster presentations “Posters”. The event helped to gather in one place all the latest wind power achievements that developers want to share with the world. There was also held an awards ceremony in various categories.

The materials of “Posters” are posted on the website of WindEurope and are accessible here:

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