SEF-2016 KYIV Forum was held in Kiev 11-12 October

SEF-2016 KYIV is a forum on renewable energy, a place where you can meet decision-makers in shaping the energy policy of Ukraine, local and foreign professionals and representatives of NGOs actively involved in the development of this fast-growing industry.

Over the past seven years, more than 3,000 experts from 39 countries have taken part in the Forum.

SEF KYIV each year confirms its status as an independent business platform for the development of sustainable energy in Eastern Europe, offering a high-quality agenda, a good audience and a unique opportunity for meetings.

At the forum conference there were speakers from various organizations:
- Watch Group Energy;
- WEVA (World Electric Vehicles Association);
- Estonian PV Energy Association;
- NeoCarbonEnergy;
- National Center for Energy Efficiency of the Czech Republic;
- Lithuanian Energy Agency.

Key issues on the problems of renewable energy in Ukraine were discussed at the conference SEF-2016 KYIV.

•  Development of sustainable energy in Ukraine: a new start, problems and achievements;
•  Sustainable energy as a business;
•  Energy efficiency in Ukraine;
•  Renewable energy sources in Ukraine;;
•  State policy, strategies and projects in the sphere of energy;
•  Efficiency of energy solutions for enterprises;
•  Solar energy - Features of project implementation in Ukraine;
•  Sustainable energy in the transport industry. Electric vehicles and modern infrastructure.

For more information, please visit the website of SEF-2016 KYIV:

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