Paris Agreement on Climate Change came into effect

On 4 November, 2016 the Paris Agreement on Climate Change came into effect as a successor of the Kyoto International Agreement.

In contrast to the Kyoto Protocol (COP3 – the international climate agreement adopted in Kyoto in 1997), binding only developed countries and countries with economies in transition to stabilize or significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, the new document adopted at the Conference in Paris (COP21 – the climate agreement signed in December 2015) was supported by more than 170 countries worldwide that presented their plans to reduce emissions.

The illustrative table of the history of the international negotiations on climate change can be found here:

The participants of the Agreement stated that the global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions shall be reached “as soon as possible”.

Ban Ki-moon also drew attention to the fact that one of the most important additions to the newly adopted agreement is to help vulnerable countries adapt to the negative consequences of climate change, as well as, importantly, the countries participating in this agreement will be able to determine their contributions to the achievement of the declared objective, the revision of which will take place every five years.

As of 4 November 2016, about 100 countries have already ratified the Agreement, accounting for 70% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, which is higher than the minimum required for its entry into force. Among them there are such countries as Germany, Russia, Belarus, India, the People's Republic of Korea, France, the United States of America, Kazakhstan, Canada, China and many other countries.

Furthermore, the UN General Secretary said that the countries that haven’t ratified the agreement yet will be able to do it at the 22nd Conference of parties to the UN FCCC, which will take place in mid-November of this year in Morocco.

The implementation of the ratified Paris Agreement on Climate Change will commence after 2020, but in the meantime the participating countries will be guided by the decisions previously taken in Paris, which correspond to the basic provisions of the agreement.

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