15th World Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (WWEC 2016) was held in Tokyo

The objectives of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) to promote the development of wind power that were formulated in 2001 every year draw nearer the ambitious idea of transition of the global energy system to 100% of energy consumption from renewable sources.

“The world needs to become sustainable – sustainable in relation to its climate – sustainable in relation to its basic needs which include its energy supply. Sustainable means using renewable energy sources”, says the statement of the organizers of the exhibition addressed to the world community.

Conducting the annual conference and exhibition WWEC (World Wind Energy Conference) has become one of the basic principles of the WWEA.

The conference and exhibition WWEC moves from one continent to another every year, implementing and reinforcing the principles of sustainable energy everywhere.

A series of international WWEC exhibitions in 2016 was continued in Tokyo, Japan from 31 October to 2 November 2016 under the auspices of the World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) and Japan Wind Energy Association (JWPA), where local and international industry experts presented the latest developments and research in the field of application of wind power.

At the 15th World Conference WWEC, the delegates focused on the discussion of the implementation of international agreements reached at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris, which will serve as a powerful spur for the development of all types of renewable energy.

This annual event dedicated to wind power earlier took place in Turkey, South Korea, Canada, Argentina, India, Australia, China, South Africa and Germany.

The future exhibition WWEC 2017 will be held in Sweden, where the idea of “100% of energy from renewables” is already getting a real shape, especially after the announcement of the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Leuven at the regular meeting of the UN General Assembly that “Sweden will be one of the first countries to fully refuse hydrocarbon energy sources.”

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