22nd Conference of parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

More than 70 Heads of State and Government and about 20 thousand delegates from around the world took part in the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP-22) held in Marrakech (Morocco).

The participants of COP-22 discussed possible measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the mobilization of resources to assist poor countries in subsequent adaptation to the impacts of global warming.

“This summit is the time to move from words to action for countries to achieve national climate targets, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Morocco Salaheddine Mezouar.

There were new participants at COP-22, who had not ratified the Paris Climate Agreement before, but now also expressed their support, promising to put it into practice. This agreement came into force on 4 November this year and the number of ratifying countries amounted to more than 50, accounting for more than half of the global greenhouse gas emissions.

In Marrakech, an exception was made for the countries that had not ratified the climate agreement, but in the future their status will be defined as "observers", and they will not have the right to vote on the issues.

In accordance with the Paris Agreement, the Republic of Belarus on par with many other countries pledged to ensure that by 2030 greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by more than 28%. The number of these countries continues to grow and is already over 111.

According to the Executive Secretary of COP-22, Patricia Espinosa, the success of the Paris Agreement is not guaranteed by itself. She also added that, “The meeting in Marrakech is an opportunity to reach an agreement on the measures that are needed at the international level and will be directly focused on building a sustainable future.”

The European Wind Energy Association WindEurope took part in the UN conference, representing one of the associations that play an active role in achieving climate goals. WindEurope representatives made presentations on improving the “sustainability” of the energy sector, and expressed their ideas about the development of the huge potential of renewable energy in Africa.

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