Preparation of the development scenario of Belarusian energy industry until 2050 commenced

The association “Green Network” in cooperation with the Heinrich Bel Fund and the German Space Agency (DLR, Stuttgart) with the participation of Belarusian experts are beginning to develop a scenario for a possible transition of Belarus to “100% of energy from renewables”. It is assumed that the scenario will become a kind of plan of action “Countdown to 2050” aimed to achieve certain goals and will present scenarios to achieve them.

German Agency DLR with the support of Greenpeace has already developed similar scenarios for more than 30 countries (including neighbouring Poland, which has seen a significant increase in the share of renewable energy). This methodology includes the latest models and is committed to the implementation of “green” approaches in the energy sector: the development of renewable energy sources (RES), the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the abandonment of fossil fuels and atomic energy.

Observing the dynamics of international politics, emerging on the foundations of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, more and more countries announce plans to move to 100% of its energy consumption from renewable sources by the middle of this century. Renewable energy is becoming cheaper and cheaper with each passing year and is already competitive with traditional one. And faced with the challenges of climate change, the international community has formed a new trend in “clean” energy, which will be safe for us and for future generations. Increasingly more countries with very different levels of economic development are attracted to this trend due to the economic impact and environmental consciousness.

It should be noted that Belarus is far behind the world trends in the number of installed capacity from renewables. And it is expected that the scenario of the energy development from the agency DLR will allow to consider in detail possible ways of transformation of the energy sector to maximize the use of renewable energy and will identify technical attainability of the set goals. Using retrospective analysis, international and national energy experts will be involved in the process of developing the plan.

It is planned that the ready scenario will be available to the public at the beginning of next year. And the research results can be applied in the planning of development of the energy sector of Belarus to fulfil its commitments arising from the Paris Agreement.

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