A new wind turbines manufacturing facility opens in Germany

Wind energy giant Siemens celebrated the opening ceremony of a new wind turbine plant in the town of Cuxhaven, Germany on 23 November 2016.

The factory has 56,000 square meters of production space. This is the most cutting edge company in northern Germany has become one of the most important investment projects for Siemens in recent years. The investments of the leader of the offshore wind power market in the project are estimated at around 200 million euros.

“In celebrating this topping ceremony, we mark another important milestone for our new, state-of-the-art production site for offshore wind turbines in Cuxhaven,” declares Markus Tacke, CEO of Siemens' Wind Power and Renewables Division. “The new manufacturing plant is part of our efforts to establish offshore wind power as a key pillar of a sustainable energy mix. At the same time, we're creating up to 1,000 attractive jobs.” Siemens has already received almost 1,600 job applications so far. A number of suppliers who will serve the plant have also announced plans to establish local businesses.

Representatives of the Germany's Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure emphasized the role of the project in developing offshore wind power in Germany, “Siemens' new production plant in Cuxhaven sets an important signal for further expanding offshore wind power in Germany. The power generated by offshore wind farms will contribute substantially to our future energy mix, while simultaneously helping us to achieve the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.”

Already in a year, the new Siemens’ plant will start producing nacelles for next-generation offshore wind turbines with generating capacity of between six and eight megawatts.

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