Belgium to Install Maximum Capacity Wind Turbines

The Belgian project aimed at construction of the offshore wind mill park Norther will be supplied with 44 wind turbines V164 with the installed capacity of 8.4 MW manufactured by the Danish company Vestas. The total volume of the installed capacity of the largest marine power site of Belgium will provide approx. 370 MW. The Norther project is a joint action organized by three stakeholders: Elicio, Eneco and Mitsubishi Corporation.

The Vestas company branch OffshoreWind plans to commission the wind mill park into operation in 2019. The company representatives say, “Historically, Vestas has had a strong footprint in the Belgium market and we know that our technology is well suited to conditions in the region. Besides, Vestas and Eneco have built up solid partnerships having implemented a joint project in the Netherlands. With support from all stakeholders we were able to come to the best possible financial terms. Construction now really can begin”.

Vestas Company improved its turbine V164-8.0MW to meet the customer’s requests for this site, and the company supposes that this new model with installed capacity 8.4 MW will become the best possible solution for other offshore wind turbine parks as well.

The Norther wind mill park (installed capacity is 370 MW) will be built in the Belgian territorial waters of the North sea about 23 km away from the shore (the seaport of Zebrugge will be used as a shipment station to deliver wind turbine components). The new site will be able to produce “clean” energy that can meet the demand for power of 400,000 households in Belgium, thus making a significant contribution to achieving Belgium’s goal to generate 13 % of power consumed in the country by means of the renewable sources by 2020.

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