Russian-Chinese joint project of offshore wind farm

It is planned to construct the first Russian offshore wind farm with the capacity of about 60 MW in the White Sea next to the town of Kem (the Republic of Karelia).

The construction of the offshore wind farm assumes the mutually advantageous cooperation of the Republic of Karelia and the Chinese state company Sinomec. The parties are working under terms of the cooperation agreement on the development of constituent entity power grid. The term of the implementation of offshore wind farm project is settled by the period from 2017 to 2020.

The activity profile of  Sinomec is presented on the company's official website:

Specialization in the solutions in energy industry, power engineering investments, the construction of energy projects, the development of power technologies, trade and services. Sinomec is part of the powerful SINOMACH GROUP platform, an expert in the field of global investments in various industries: energy, construction, chemical, coal mining, oil, etc. Sinomec relies on the wisdom and hard work of all corporate employees, as well as the support and confidence on the part of customers and partners.

It should be noted that the offshore wind farm will not be the first Russian project of Sinomec. For example, the construction of two Belorophorzhsky hydropower stations in Karelia (total capacity of which is 49.8 MW) has attracted the resources of this particular company. As of today, the hydropower project is already launched, while the ending of construction and the start of hydropower stations are scheduled for 2019.

And the offshore wind farm in the White Sea will become the first renewable power engineering project   for successfully started cooperation, as well as the first experience of Russia in the development of offshore potential.

As the Head of the Republic of Karelia Aleksandr Khudilainen has told, “The implementation of this project is primarily new job formation, and only at the startup stage the number of workplaces will make more than 200, and then this number will increase more. The construction of the offshore wind farm will allow the Republic of Karelia to be independent of the neighboring regions, including Leningrad Oblast.”

The cost of the offshore power asset is estimated at USD 140 million.

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