Google’s path to “100% from RES” approaches finish

Google makes an ambitious statement, “100% of power consumption of worldwide operations of company will be covered by alternative energy sources already in 2017.”

It should be noted here that almost all electric power will be generated exactly from wind power. As of today Google has concluded a contract for delivery of 2.6GW of capacity from renewable energy sources, 94% of which will be received from wind farms. Google purchases wind power on basis of long-term contracts from the American states Iowa, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas, where local residents obtain economic benefits from the construction of wind farms.

As the Senior Vice President of Google Urs Hölzle announced, “We have changed to the purchasing of electric power from renewable sources in order to reduce the volume of pollutant emissions and thereby prevent a problem of climate change, and we pursue commercial benefit as well.” The top manager of Google also explained that the energy from RES is becoming very competitive, “Over the last 6 years the cost of energy derived from wind and sun has declined by 60 and 80%, proving that renewable energy sources are becoming cheaper than the conventional ones. One of the largest items of our company’s operating expenses is electric power costs, and thanks to renewables we protect ourselves against electric power price change.”

Currently Google is just one of the companies in the growing list, which provide wind power with significant investments. More than a dozen of companies from the “Fortune 500” list have undertaken to change to 100% use of electric power from renewable sources. These companies are increasingly purchasing electric power generated by wind for the achievement of their goals, and that ensures the sustainable development and long-term stability of electric power prices.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) cites the following data about how companies have increased the use of energy generated by wind farms:

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