Wind power outruns coal industry in Europe

The European wind power association WindEurope has published its annual report “Wind in power: 2016 European statistics”, representing regular annual analysis of European wind power. The experts of the industry were waiting for this statistical document, which reveals the key market indicators: data on the introduction of new installed capacities and attracted investment volume by European wind farms (from January1 to December 31 2016), as well as many other studies.

The current figures show that European wind farms increased by ​​12.5 GW of installed capacity (in 2016), which is 3% less than the gain of 2015 showed.

The EU’s total installed capacity of wind power accounted for 153.7 GW.

Germany is still leading both in terms of gain (44% of all installations) and the total installed capacity (50 GW).

The industry's investments attracted EUR 27.5 billion, reflecting a 5% growth compared to 2015.

As the spokesperson of WindEurope Oliver Joy said, “Wind and coal are at different ends of the spectrum: wind power is constantly expanding new capacities, while coal power is decommissioning far more capacities than any other technology in Europe.“

According to the data of the report, last year in Europe wind power installed more capacities than all other energy sources, wherewith displaced the coal industry from the second position. The gas industry retained the lead in terms of installed capacity.

The industry reflects Europe’s intentions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (which lead to climate change), therefore the Old World countries are striving for a transition to new forms of power generation: to renewable sources instead of the traditional fossil ones.

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