American public organizes actions in support of wind power

Thousands of Americans from across the country come to Washington to defend their interests. Now people have started to organize various activities in support of wind power. The speakers want to make sure that the government understands the importance of this industry, both for the lives of Americans and for society at large.

A course towards the development of traditional power supply is seen in the actions of the administration of the new President (Donald Trump), but the number of supporters of green energy sources is growing in the country.

Studies conducted by Pew Research, involving about 1.5 thousand American respondents, have shaped public opinion on a variety of issues.

According to the collected data, people have expressed their opinion that wind power has a very favorable effect on the economic development in rural areas. New workplaces are created there and the industry brings a stable income. Entire cities benefit from the implementation of wind power projects already. New employment for many families has become the main type of income, which can replace the traditional one for this area.

The American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) cites the following statistics: over the last 10 years the amount of investment in the US wind power has reached USD 158 billion, the industry has employed a total of about 100 thousand people; more than 500 plants engaged in the production of wind power equipment have been constructed. It should be noted that, according to the data of 2016, about 5% of the country’s electricity is generated from wind power. But the Department of Energy is convinced that, during the rule of Barack Obama, the taken pace of wind power development in the US outruns the scenario formed as far back as 2008. It is expected that this figure will double as early as 2019.

Today, Texas is the country's leader with 25,000 workplaces in the wind industry. And in the states of Iowa and Kansas wind power supplies more than 30% of electric power. Wind power is being actively developed in the states of New York, California, Oregon, Hawaii, Vermont and the District of Columbia, which set ambitious goals to reach the generation of 50 percent or more of electric power from renewable sources.

AWEA, with the support of hundreds of thousands of people, organizes actions in support of wind power with a view to draw maximum attention to the industry and to prove by the example of the US, that this direction is beneficial, it favorably affects the economy and social situation of any state.

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