The largest wind farm in Russia to be constructed in Rostov Oblast by 2020

A wind farm at the cost of RUB10 billion will be constructed in Rostov Oblast of the Russian Federation. The project of the largest wind farm was approved by the regional government.

For the project implementation Azov VES Company was allocated a total area of 133 hectares, which was rented out for 10 years without preliminary bidding. The wind farm will be constructed in the territory originally intended for the construction of Azov-City gambling zone.

The planned capacity of the wind farm will surpass all existing similar installations in Russia and will amount to 90 MW. The implementation of construction is assumed in two stages: in the first stage the turbines with a total capacity of 20-30 MW will be installed, in the second one - up to 80-100 MW. Also the spokesmen of the project notice that in case of the increase in demand for generated electric power, the initial capacity can be doubled.

Construction works of the installation will be started by the end of the present year, and the direct commissioning of it and the connection to electric power is scheduled for 2020.

German company SоWiTec оperation GmbH, which has already implemented over 30 projects of wind-power stations in Europe and South America, is engaged in the designing and construction of the wind farm. Currently SоWiTec Group is developing projects with a total capacity of over 50,000 MW worldwide. In Russia a sister company is also engaged in the construction of other large wind power installations (e.g., Kurgan wind-power station of 50 MW, that near the town of Shumikha, Kurgan Oblast of the Russian Federation).

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