Current figures of renewable power generation in Belarus

The dynamics of the implementation of wind power projects is very indicative:

It is noticeable that last year the implementation of renewable power generation sources was somewhat slower than before. This situation is largely caused by the reorientation of renewable sector market to a new development format. With adoption of the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus        No. 209 of May 18, 2015 “On Use of Renewable Energy Sources” it was established that the creation of new, modernization and reconstruction of existing installations for the use of renewable energy sources shall be done within the limits of quotas.

Now the renewable power generation in Belarus is developing according to the system determined by the Interdepartmental Committee (according to the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus No. 662 of August 6, 2015 “On Setting and Allocating Quotas for the Construction of Renewable Energy Facilities”). This Committee determines the volume of quotas for the next 3 years.

The projects are also being implemented at present on the basis of investment contracts concluded before the adoption of the Decree.

As of the beginning of 2017, the Republic of Belarus has reached the following volumes of renewable power generation (thermal and electric power is considered in):

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