Meeting of project Coordination Council took place

A regular meeting of the Coordination Council of the international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” took place in Minsk on December 22, 2016.

It is symbolic that a project, which develops wind power,  held a coordination meeting namely on December 22, when all the employees of our country, involved in the energy industry (covering the generation and transmission of electricity and heat to consumers), traditionally celebrate their annual professional holiday – Power Engineers' Day. The publication of information on an event organized on a professional holiday may additionally draw attention of the public, government and business to the project being implemented and undisclosed potential of wind power.

The councillors and independent experts from various institutions, ministries and departments (Ministry of Natural Resources, UNDP, RUE “BelGIE”, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, The State Committee for Standardization (Gosstandart), etc.) took part in the meeting.

The participants of the event noticed the importance of work of the international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” not only in terms of the achievement of intra-republican tasks, but also with regard to the implementation of objectives of the Paris Agreement on climate change (the Republic of Belarus has also acceded to it). As regards the long-term plans on the conservation of climate, wind power is assuming a strategic role now. Thus, the project will help to further stimulate the development of renewable energy sources and to reduce the share of consumption of fossil fuels.

Project Manager Marina Belous did a presentation revealing operational results in 2016, as well as presented the planned activities for the next year.

Marina Belous told about the results of two working trips organized in the second half of 2016, which provided visits of Belarusian delegations to the countries with highly developed vector of wind power (Germany and Denmark). The results of meetings with potential investors of the construction of future wind farms were set out.

The manager also informed the audience about the start of work of an institution created within the framework of the project activities – LLC “Wind Private Finance Organization”, which will promote the development and financing of projects in the field of wind power of Belarus.

Experts also brought up the questions concerning the solution of pressing problems with the use of foreign experience:
› organization of teaching of specialists, which are necessary for the renewable power generation sector (introduction of new specialties in Belarusian universities);
› the carrying out of wind measurement taking into account the all-European requirements (for the possibility of obtaining of financing in the European banks);
› the introduction of new forms of financing of projects (e.g., allocation of a share of project financing on stock issue, with the possibility of their purchase by the local population);
› etc.

During the meeting, the audience listened to the reports, brought up acute current issues, discussed the work done and the future stages of project implementation, as well as suggested their perspective of the solution of problem points in wind power development in the Republic of Belarus.

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