WindEurope reveals potential of new directive on RES

Giles Dickson, CEO of the European Wind Energy Association (WindEurope), took part in hearings at the European Parliament on the directive on renewable energy sources. Apart from MEPs, the event gathered experts from various industries, investors and representatives of non-governmental organizations.

In his speech, Giles Dickson emphasized that 19.6 % of Europe’s electric power demand is covered due to wind energy at the moment. Convincingly speaking in favor of the importance of wind power for the future of the entire Europe, the director of WindEurope called for the improvement of legislation in the field of RES use, which will make possible to increase the share of wind power in Europe’s energy balance until 2030. He also stated, “The current situation does not give security to investors, since for now only 7 countries in Europe have a wind power development strategy after 2020. And the new directive on renewable energy sources should provide a basis for a cost-effective growth.”

Giles Dickson also pointed out the potential of the directive in the development of electric transport and the heating sector. According to him, the construction of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles should become a priority in the development of electric transport.

In response to a question from one of the participants of the meeting on how to persuade skeptical members of the European Parliament of the advantages of renewable energy sources, the head of the wind power association outlined three main factors:

1) renewable sources are currently the cheapest form of new energy;

2) due to renewables new jobs are created, which develops into a significant social effect;

3) local communities are interested in renewable energy sources.

The expert explained, “More than 330,000 jobs have already been created in the wind power sector in Europe. Renewables bring economic benefits to local communities too: many towns and villages across Europe, near which wind farms are located, are almost completely energy-independent, they differ markedly in air quality and purity of environment, and also favorable conditions for youth are created in such regions, in particular, jobs are created and infrastructure is being developed.”

In his conclusion, Giles Dickson asked members of the European Parliament to give their support in the development of renewable sources until 2030 and guaranteed that Europe would become the world leader in the field of renewable energy sources.

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