Report of REN21experts defined inevitability of transition to “100% from RES”

The new report prepared by the REN21 expert network (the Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century) declares the feasibilities of renewable power generation to become the dominant industry of the future.

More than a hundred experts from different countries took part in the REN21 report. It is significant that the experts were both supporters of RES and skeptics who investigated 12 topics concerning the future of global power generation.

It is observed that already today many large international corporations are increasingly choosing renewable power generation, and are also engaged in the direct investment in their own generating capacities in this trend.

It is also defined that 2016 was the third straight year when the global economy continued to grow (by 3%), but at the same time emissions connected with power-generating sector were reduced. The reduction was mainly due to the efficiency of investments in renewable power generation in China and the US.

According to the report, the feasibility of transition to 100% power supply due to RES by 2050 was noted, which was supported by more than 70% of experts (European and Australian representatives expressed maximum confidence in the transition). Also about 70% of respondents are confident that renewables will finally beat fossil fuels in terms of price within the next 10 years.

Despite optimistic plans for the 100% transition to RES, the confidence in the feasibility of such a transformation varies from region to region. In some industries it will be necessary to make massive efforts for the transition to clean energy. Noting the problems in achieving 100% transition, it was mentioned in the report that in such regions as Africa, the US and Japan some experts are skeptical about the abilities of their own countries to function 100% due to RES. Conventional power generation was called an invincible obstacle on the way to the transition to clean energy. According to Chinese experts, 100% transition to RES can be implemented only in some regions of the country. The feasibility of reaching a 100% share of RES in the power balance of the US was supported only by two out of eight experts of the country.

According to the majority of experts, the governments of some countries, particularly the countries of Africa and South America, the United Kingdom and the US are currently unable to ensure a long-term stability of RES policy.

You can learn more about the materials of the report at the official website of REN21 by reference:

Besides, there is an opportunity to hear detailed comments from experts to the new document on the video posted by REN21:

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