Belarus took part in popular environmental action Earth Hour

Traditionally, one of the popular environmental actions called Earth Hour is held around the world in March. This year the date of holding fell on the last Saturday of March: the 25th. Having only a symbolic character, the action is aimed at attracting public attention to the problem of global climate change. The event aims to testify that everyone is capable of bringing their contribution to the preservation of the state of our planet.

It is simply enough for anyone to turn off the light and home appliances in the period from 20.30 to 21.30 to participate in the action. The event is the most massive environmental action, wherein over 2 billion people from more than 175 countries and approximately 7,000 cities and towns from around the world participate.

For reference only: The idea of the action was originally proposed and implemented by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in 2007 and for the first time it was held only in one city – Sydney (Australia), but as far back as 2008 the action was supported by the general public and more than 100 million people from 35 countries worldwide joined it, making it a major international environmental initiative. Since then, more and more participants, cities and countries have joined the campaign, for example, in 2011 about 2 billion people from 135 countries of the world participated in the action.

Traditionally, Belarus also supported the event. Such major cities as Minsk, Brest, Pinsk, Vitebsk and other participated in the action. During this “quiet” hour, people are invited to spend some time with their loved ones or to be engaged in any occupation that doesn’t require bright lighting.

Various outside cultural events are organized everywhere in support of Earth Hour: dancing light shows, environmental flash mobs, bicycle rides and many other things.

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