Meetings of project with producers of wind power equipment

The management team of the international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” regularly meets with potential suppliers of wind power equipment. Such meetings help to find partners for the implementation of project components.

In March 2017, meetings with producers of wind power equipment were organized: an Italian company ATB RIVA Calzoni and a German company Vensys.

During the meetings, representatives of European producers elaborated on the direction of development of their companies, series-produced models and the latest advanced development of wind power equipment.

The primary activities of ATB RIVA Calzoni Company are the implementation of projects in the energy sector, including traditional, renewable and nuclear energy.

The company carries out production of wind turbines with an installed capacity of 500 kW and 700 kW for wind power; currently work is underway to produce 2 MW turbines. ATB RIVA Calzoni Company offers a 5-year wind power equipment warranty.

The mainstream of operation of Vensys Company is the production of direct-drive wind turbines. Currently, the company carries out production of the following wind turbines:
1.5 MW with a diameter of the windwheel 70, 76.8, 82.3 and 87m;
2.5 MW with a diameter of the windwheel 99.8, 108.9 и 112.5m;
3 MW with a diameter of the windwheel 112 и 120m.

The representatives of the companies expressed interest in cooperation with the project on wind power development, and announced intention to attract potential European investors for the construction of wind farms in Belarus.

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