Project celebrated Global Wind Day in Novogrudok Region

Especially for Global Wind Day the international technical assistance project “Removing Barriers to Wind Power Development in Belarus” jointly with the “Green Network” partnership organized a massive program of thematic events for journalists of popular mass media.

Representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Energy Efficiency Department of the State Committee for Standardization of the Republic of Belarus, RUE “Grodnoenergo” and the project consultants tried to answer all questions of interest on wind power to the press. Having the opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of energy generation from wind with their own eyes, journalists will be able to report their findings to a mainstream audience.

Participants of the Wind Day events visited the Novogrudok Region. Advanced in terms of the level of wind power development, the Novogrudok Region of Grodno Oblast became the most suitable visual platform for repercussion of progress of this industry. The largest wind farm of Belarus with installed capacity of  9 MW is located namely there, near the village of Grabniki (where a total of 6 windmills is installed, 1.5 MW each, with 1 windmill put into operation as early as 2011, and the installation of additional 5 windmills is planned until 2020).

In Novogrudok, in the control room of the RUE “Grodnoenergo” for monitoring windmills, the director of “Lida Electrical Networks” Viktor Zhuk in every detail told about a circuit of power distribution network of the Novogrudok Region, how the work of the windmills is controlled, and also acquainted journalists to the “entrails” of energy generation from wind and the difficulties of its delivery to consumers. Correspondents also managed to visit a local substation, which intakes power supply generated by the wind farm, and even look inside the tower of the windmill.

In a highly topical program of events an awareness-raising seminar was also provided, whereon the Deputy Chairman of the Novogrudok Region Yelena Selevich, and the manager of the project “Development of Renewable Energy Sources in the Novogrudok Region – Road Map for an Environmentally Friendly Territory” Vladimir Kuzmich told the participants about the dynamic “green” activities carried out in the Novogrudok Region.

Near the village of Yanovichi, journalists managed to get to know more closely a worth-while experience of the operation of two windmills owned by LLC “Envetr”. The mass media representatives managed to get the necessary information about the specificity of private sector activities in this industry straight from the company's director, Viktor Tutin.

Apart from an informative component of the program, a musical performance was organized in Yarilovichi. Symbolizing the use of clean energy to create music, electronic music instruments that consume electricity were connected to a network of a windmill.

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