The first Russian wind farm to be launched as early as 2017

As it was reported earlier, Ulyanovsk Oblast planned out to erect the wind farm with a total installed capacity of 350 MW, and the first stage of construction will get underway from 35 MW. And for these purposes, the Ulyanovsk Ulnanotech nanocenter localizes the manufacture of windmills components in the region (for example, the manufacture of blades for windmills will be located at the Ulyanovsk “AeroComposit” plant).

Today, representatives of the largest Russia’s wind power project state that the planned start of the first stage (putting in operation of 14 windmills) is the end of 2017. The project is pilot and implemented within the framework of the government program of support of renewable energy sources. An investment volume is preliminary estimated at approximately EUR 65 million (in Russian equivalent). A cooperation agreement was signed between RUSNANO and a Finnish corporation. According to preliminary measurements, the value of an installed capacity utilization factor is expected in a range of 33-37%, which is considered a good figure for a commercial component of similar projects.

Due to the peculiarities of the local climate, an anti-icing system will be implemented in the blades for the Ulyanovsk wind farm that will allow generating electric power in the cold season without additional maintenance or stops.

The height of each several tower, the length of a blade and a rotor diameter will make 88, 53.8 and 110 meters respectively.

The project is considered the beginning of the development of large-scale Russian wind power. The capacity of 35 MW for the country's scope is, of course, not significant, but it will supply about 15 thousand apartments with green electric power. The region’s authorities promise to start the second stage of the construction of the Ulyanovsk wind farm immediately.

Companies that participate in Russian wind power projects offer solutions for maximum localization of the manufacture of windmills components. The industry, which is new for Russia, will create thousands of jobs as early as in the near future and will attract more than EUR 1.5 billion (in Russian equivalent), with more than 200 million of them invested by JSC “ROSNANO”.

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