New energy-conserving type of storage batteries is developed

Studies are underway to develop aluminum-rich storage batteries in Taiwanese Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). A new type of battery will be noted for quick charge, low cost and an extended discharge cycle. Ion-aluminum batteries represented at the All Energy conference in Glasgow (USA) may replace lead-acid batteries that are in routine use by the automotive industry just in two years.

The main advantages of the new type of storage batteries are the following:

- Aluminum is a very rampant metal, which has an impact on the relatively low cost of the entire battery;

- The represented technology is capable of withstanding 10 000 charge and discharge cycles without a notable performance degradation, which far exceeds many of the existing designs of batteries and makes it possible to reduce unit costs for the manufacture of cells;

- This technology is very safe, resistant to high temperatures, and the batteries themselves can withstand considerable damage without the risk of combustion (this safety aspect is crucial for wholesale production);

- High energy density. At present, the energy density of the developed battery makes up approximately 40 40 kWh / kg, but before a start-up to the commercial market, the developers plan to increase it to 60-80 kWh / kg;

- The possibility to compose a battery in various forms makes it utilization multidisciplinary.

The validity of ion-aluminum batteries for commercial production was determined based on the results of the tests (on an electric scooter). The developers are currently searching for additional partners for team-work to hasten a process of development and implementation in various devices.

This type of batteries can be a good solution for stand-alone energy storage systems in the field of renewable energy sources and wind power in particular.

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